Jun 16, 2012

How to present a webinar without PowerPoint slides

With hundreds of millions of copies in circulation and approximately 40 million presentations delivered daily, PowerPoint has become an icon of modern communication. Despite its ubiquity, PowerPoint has often been the punching bag for many audiences who link it to phrases such as crutch, teleprompter, uniformity…overall an intellectually shady tool that instead of lifting the floor, lowers the ceiling. While PowerPoint can have its merits and a profound impact on how information is processed and learned, there is wisdom in asking the question: can we present without it? Virtually? And if we can, what techniques do we use to adjust to the absence of slides, and satisfy our audiences who are typically tough viewers with high expectations?
In this highly engaging session, Dr. Carmen Taran will show you how you can present virtually without slides. You will learn several practical techniques that move beyond keeping an audience engaged with chat and polling questions. The techniques will involve innovative activities that attract an audience's attention, promote creative thinking and intellectual stimulation, and overall make them feel like the floor has been lifted.

Thursday, June 28, 2012
1pm – 2pm ET / 10am – 11am PT

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