Jun 16, 2012

Storyboard Templates and Resources

And here’s what  included in the storyboards.

In the main frame:
■Textual content
■Graphics (even if rough representations)
■Screenshot or representation of animations, interactives, etc.
■Buttons and/or navigational features
■Page orientation
In the side frames:
■Navigational info (i.e. where each button or link will take the user)
■Text for pop-ups or rollovers
■Media info (e.g. info about the animation, video, audio, etc.)
In the bottom frame:
■Notes to developers, SMEs, or anyone else that may have access to the storyboard
■Notes that won’t fit in the side frames
■Any pertinent notes that don’t fall under “Navigation” of “Media”
■Color requirements, screen size, graphic sizes, etc.
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