Jun 16, 2012

Managing Projects and SMEs for eLearning: Proven and Practical Solutions

Whether you are an eLearning designer, developer, trainer, or manager, you probably need to deal with project-management issues and with subject-matter experts. Do you have the time and resources you need to lead or contribute to a successful project? How can you get your subject-matter experts (SMEs) to be partners in, rather than obstacles to, project success? Join this Online Forum to learn proven strategies and tactics for successfully managing eLearning projects and SMEs.

Managing eLearning Projects: A Survival Guide for Instructional Designers, Gus Prestera,
Leading SMEs to Water (and How to Make Them Drink), Shawn Rosler
Blending ADDIE and PMBOK for Successful Training Projects, Allan Harris
Getting the Content You Need from Your SMEs: A Streamlined Approach, Jennifer De Vries
Agile Estimation and Release Planning Techniques that Really Work, Sumeet Moghe
Acquiring Tacit Knowledge from SMEs, Sudeshna Chatterjee
Why Projects Fail: Recovery Tips, Dave Goodman & Karen Beckman
Turning your SMEs into Savvy Content Developers, Edward Reilly
What is Really Important to Your Learning Project?, Anita Rosen

Online Forum
July 26 & 27, 2012

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