Aug 20, 2012

Informal Learning and Social Media: Upskilling for 21st Century Training

New tools for and ideas about learning are bringing in a new age for training and development practitioners. We now have real means of extending our reach, learners who can identify and satisfy their own learning needs, and opportunities to support workplace learning and performance like we’ve never had before.

This session provides an overview of some 21st century skills we’ll need to develop to stay current and viable in a rapidly changing, but more learning-focused, time.  
You will take away: 

·   A basic understanding of curation and its importance in managing information overload
·   Ideas for encouraging and supporting inclusion
·   Strategies for participating rather than just delivering
·   And basics of community management – they don’t grow by themselves!

By : Jane Bozarth, Ph.D

About Jane Bozarth, Ph.D.
Dr. Jane Bozarth has been a training practitioner since 1989. In her years with North Carolina, USA state government she has served as Staff Development Specialist for DHHS, the Training Director for the Department of Justice, and the E-Learning Coordinator for the NC Office of State Personnel.

Recorded Webinar :

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